Pop-up Raft-Ups Rafts 2019

In addition to our 2019 event schedule, we are introducing pop-up raft-ups. All too often the weather doesn’t fully cooperate for the scheduled events, so the idea here is that if the weather is looking good, any HSA-1 member can announce a pop-up raft-up with a couple days’ notice on this posting board. 

The captain would announce where they are planning to go and when and provide contact information for coordinating with other HSA-1 members. For example, its Thursday or Friday morning and someone wants to anchor out in the Miles River, they would put out an announcement saying “Ruff’N It anchoring out in Miles River Saturday March 2 , HSA-1 members welcome to join for a pop up raft-up, contact us at XXXXXXX.” 

*** - Only members will see this.