Hunter Sailing Association Station #1

Celebrating 35 years of Cruising and racing Marlow - Hunters throughout the middle Chesapeake Bay


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HSA Station #1

We are a group of over 100 proud owners of Marlow - Hunter sailboats who enjoy sailing throughout the middle Chesapeake Bay. The Club sponsors sailing-related activities throughout the year, weekend raft-ups, race participation, longer cruises, social events and winter seminars. We offer numerous opportunities to socialize with fellow sailors and share experiences. Read more about HSA Station #1.

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Upcoming Events:

 Annual Meeting Scheduled for November 16th Click Here

Annapolis Parade of Lights Saturday December 13 Click Here

New Sailing Events Posted on the News Page Click Here


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Key Supporters and Quick Links

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Notice to Mariners (for the Bay)

Updated 8/02/2014